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Welcome to Desktop Publishing Business. This website was created to help anyone in desktop publishing get tips and enhance their skills.  Whether you are looking to start a desktop publishing business, do desktop publishing for your job, run a small business or creat your own marketing materials, this blog can help you find useful information on desktop publishing software, video tutorials, product reviews, and templates and small business tips.

My name is Kim Gibson and I am the person behind Desktop Publishing Business.  I fell in love with computers when I received my first PC with Windows 3.11.  I quickly became the “go to girl” for any kind of computer-related issues  for my friends and family.  From creating and printing flyers or brochures, to researching topics on the Internet for family members…I was the designated “computer gal”.   I also pursued a formal career in Information Technology (IT).  I started off as a help desk technician, and then moved to Database Administration and Development.  When the Web craze hit, I transitioned into web technologies.  Currently, I am the owner of Elegant Memorials Funeral Program Templates, which sells quality funeral program templates available for immediate download.

I decided to start this blog because so many of my Elegant Memorials clients needed to accomplish many different desktop publishing tasks, but didn’t want to spend the time learning complicated graphics programs.  They also didn’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on costly software. They needed quick tips and shortcuts using inexpensive and readily available software and equipment to help them complete their tasks.  So Desktop Publishing Business was born!

If you are a professional desktop publisher or graphic artist, this website may be too basic and unconventional for you.  This website is geared toward the beginner desktop publisher. My intent is to make the everyday computer user completely comfortable with desktop publishing.  I also started this site to help and encourage ANYONE who wants to start their own desktop publishing (or any other) business.  I want readers to utilize our  tips and tutorials so that their desktop publishing skills are enhance.  Our motto here is “Desktop Publishing is for Everyone!

Although there is no cost to our readers for any of the information on this site, we do run limited advertising and affiliate programs to help us cover costs and keep providing content on this site. (read more about this on our disclaimer page)   As this is a regularly updated site the best way to use it will be to follow it over time. The best way to do this will be to use one of our Subscription Options.
Also check us out on Facebook where we have a page set up to share a lot of our content and updates.

If you have any inquiries about Desktop Publishing Business (DTPBiz) please contact us here.

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Kim Glover November 15, 2010 at 9:39 pm

Hi Kim!

My name is Kim also!…AND my last name begins with a “G” just as yours does. As I was reading one of your site’s pages I first saw the “Kim G” and thought…umm what a coincedence? As I read further on the “About” page, I thought…does she know me? Is this a joke? The reason I say that is because I too fell in love with computers almost the same way! I remember my IBM PC even before Windows 3.11 hit the mainstream. I too became the “go to girl” and the “computer gal” for my family and friends…AND I later formalized my love of computers by graduating at the top of my class in Computer Operations, followed by employment as a Data Analyst, and subsequently as a Lead Computer Operator, and Lead Help Desk Analyst. I love the IT field and I have been in it for many years now…and I am furthering my studies as we speak (so to speak). It felt so strange reading your story. I really felt…is someone playing a joke on me or what?! LOL Almost makes me what to ask, is your middle initial “J”…? One of the main reasons I checked out your site – aside from loving all things computers – is that, I recently lost a dear and beloved Pastor and uncle, and I just wanted to check to see if the publisher our family used was really worth her weight in salt – as they say. From the looks of it, she may have actually used your site as a guide or even one of your templates to do the Homegoing programs. But anyway, I love your blog and your websites!!!…and I look forward to subscribing and reading more of your tips!!! PEACE…and keep up to good work. (almost feels like I’m writing to myself…LOL)


Kim G November 17, 2010 at 9:40 am

Thanks for the comment! I sent you an email so that we could have a chat!



Kim D December 1, 2010 at 6:11 am

Hi Kim,
I’m also another Kim! How weird! I saw the post from the other Kim & just had to write. Love your blog! It is a great resource for beginners. I am thinking of writing an article on desktop publishing for one of my blogs and would love to reference your site if you don’t mind. Email me if you have time, I have two blogs related to printing and one online printing store and many of my readers and customers could benefit from reading your posts! Thanks! Kim D.


Kim G December 1, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Thanks for the comment! I sent you an email.



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