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Make a Flyer for Business — Video

by Kim G on October 30, 2010

If you have a small business you may want to distribute a flyer to advertise your business or event, You may not, however, have the money to get one professionally designed.  Never fear, you can still produce a professional-looking business flyer with word processing software, on your home computer and printer.  This video shows you how to quickly create a professional looking business flyer in Microsoft Word.  Here are some key points when designing and printing.  Also see our article on tips for making a flyer, and desktop publishing using Word

1.  Use professional photos.  This flyer uses professional photos from a stock photo website.  Many image gallery websites offer professional photos and vector art for a few dollars per photo.  Many stock photo websites also have free photos available.  Many site have search capability so that you can find the perfect image.  Just make sure you understand the stock photo license and usage terms.

2.  Once you’ve selected the images, look at the colors in the photos.  Consider matching fill, line and gradient colors to colors in your photos.

3.  Try to match the font to the tone or theme of your flyer. Fonts can be elegant, whimsical, formal and exotic just to name a few.  Experiment with different fonts until you get the look you want.  Try and limit your fonts to about 2 different fonts, one for headlines and prominent text, and one for details.

4.  Use a heavier weight and/or glossy paper. You can get a ream of 28 pound glossy paper for about $15.00

Enjoy the Video!


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